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10 Reasons to Relay

Beating Cancer Sooner

10 Reasons to Relay

DreamBigHope_LOGORelay For Life is coming back to Plymouth at the end of July 2017. Here’s a list of reasons you should be signing up, and joining us this year. Remember sign up is free, so get yourselves, your family and your friends signed up to this inspirational FUN event which will really make a difference.

10 reasons you simply have to Join our Relay For Life

#1 – You’ll be joining an awesome community event, which you will absolutely love, where you will not laugh as much (and cry a little) during a single 24 hour period. (#2 tomorrow!)

#2 – Our Relay teams will be doing some brilliant fundraising throughout the year, with something for everyone. Remember every £1 raised is a step closer to a cure for cancer. Relayers believe in making FUNdraising as FUN as possible!

#3 – You’ll learn where your fundraising is spent, you’ll see first hand how research is making a difference. You’ll see for example how Cancer Research UK developed Cisplatin, a drug which truly revolusionised the treatment of Testicular cancer which now has a 98% cure rate

#4 – Relay For Life event is a total blast!! Free entertainment, 24 hours of activities, a cross between a music festival and a village fayre is what awaits you at Relay. It’s a whole family event, with plenty going on for them, and the adults too. You will not want to miss it!

#5 – It’s a totally inclusive event, there’s no age, sex or ability barriers, absolutely any one can join a team. Although there’s no race, hurdles or other obstacles, you will manage a week’s worth of exercise in just 24 hours, all completed in a fun, exciting time with your friends, old and new!

#6 – Relay For Life is the only event where absolutely anyone who has been touched by cancer can come together to fight back at it. Whether you have had the diagnosis, a family member or friend has, or maybe your colleagues, you can join Relay and do something about it, stand up and help us to beat cancer sooner.

#7 – We celebrate life! Cancer survivors are our special guests, we celebrate their life, we celebrate their extra birthdays, we celebrate the hope they represent, that one day there will be no more deaths from cancer.

#8 – Every step taken, every £1 raised delivers another blow against cancer. Together we are stronger than cancer, join us and help us beat cancer sooner!

#9 – It’s the only one night stand you won’t regret! You’ll be spending 24 hours with those who mean the most to you, your family, friends and colleagues. Create a team of your favourite people and you’ll enjoy Relay more, and raise more, and have more fun!

#10 – If the other 9 reasons haven’t had you joining up, then think of it like this. Our generation will see the end of people dying with cancer, the quicker this happens, then the more of you, your family and friends will survive their diagnosis. This can only happen with research. Let’s work together to ensure they can FINISH THE FIGHT – Join Relay For Life Plymouth now!