Dusk 2 Dark Challenge

What is Dusk 2 Dark Challenge?

It is a walk which combines adventure, orienteering, clue solving and a treasure hunt suitable for teams of 4-8 families, friends, colleagues, youth groups and schools.

Why Enter?

Teams will enjoy the challenge of walking at night, completing the course, and finding the answers to our clues.  As well as completing the challenge, you will also be helping us to beat cancer sooner, by raising funds for Cancer Research UK.

Where, When and How Long?

The specific location is kept under wraps until the week before, but we will be starting in Ivybridge, and using the Ordnance Survey map Explorer OL28.  Start times are staggered from 5pm on Saturday 28th October 2017.  The route will be on paths, pavements and occasionally on road and open moor.  The route should take around 4 hours.  Your progress through the route is monitored through various checkpoints and is recorded by our command base.

Entry Requirements:

  • All teams need to register to take part, registration fee is £25 per team.
  • Teams should be no less than 4 and no more than 8 persons
  • Teams book a start time between 5pm and 8pm, routes take around 4 hours, so if you want to complete mainly in day light, pick an early time.
  • Teams must have the bare essentials as listed in the checklist.  You will be checked for these items, failure to have the right equipment will mean you will unable to start.
  • There will be refreshments at the half way checkpoint, and rewards for making it to each check point too.  At the finish, there will be some hot food, and hot drinks for you (no cost)
  • Under 18’s need parental permission (please download and bring completed forms with you).  Youngest team age is 12, team members should be able to read a map, use a compass, and know basic first aid.  So this challenge is suitable for Scouts, D of E, Cadets and the like.  There must be one responsible adult on site (but doesn’t need to do the course with them)
  • Registration fee covers the cost of putting on event, sponsorship and fundraising to Cancer Research UK

If you have any questions please call Jason on 07971666121