<h2>Dusk 2 Dark Briefing</h2>

It is important for all your team to know the information in these briefing notes.

Please arrive to the start and register 30 minutes before your designated start time.

The team captain will need to come to the registration desk, and ensure all paperwork is correct and in order.

Team will then progress to Scrutiny desk, where we will make sure you are prepared to take part with all the necessary equipment.  You will then be given the safety briefing.

There will then be a photo call for the team, and then you’ll make your way to the start point with 5 minutes to spare.  You’ll receive your first set of directions and answer sheets for the first leg.

Remember that this challenge requires using your initiative and is undertaken at your own risk.  You will be walking on a variety of terrain, and will need to be extra careful especially in the dark, as that which is usually familiar, is completely different at night.  If you are walking on or near roads, make sure you are wearing your reflective clothing, with at least one torch at the front, and another at the rear.

Parts of the route may take you near residential areas, please be thoughtful to noise when walking near homes.  Your directions sheet may have warnings to keep quiet at certain points, please observe them.

Clues and answers will not be situated in private houses, so no need to hunt around them, take care not to shine your torches in the windows or doors.

SMOKING is NOT permitted during any of this walk for Cancer Research UK.

Litter should be carried with you, and left at checkpoints or taken home.


Should one of your team be injured, two should go for help, and at least one must remain with them.  Please head to the nearest checkpoint for help.  Each checkpoint has the means to help with first aid, or able to summon further help as required.  Grid references for all checkpoints will be on your safety card, along with mobile numbers for the base.

If you need help to come to you, please use your emergency whistle.  Sound 3 long blasts every 2 minutes.  Any team proceeding to help should answer with one long blast.  Alternatively call the base on your mobile and we will mobilise help for you.

Should you become lost, we will realise very quickly, and have a search party ready to come and find you.  You are monitored throughout the course, and at the checkpoints.  The search party will sound their emergency whistle with 1 long blast, you should answer it with 3 long blasts, they will then find you, and return you to base.